Why Is Self-Confidence Important In Relationships?

Relationships are based on a number of different factors such as trust, attraction, rapport and compatibility, and each of these areas are affected by the level of self-confidence of both parties.

In particular, women tend to be more greatly affected because there are often a number of body-image and self-worth issues that can cause difficulties in the relationship, both on a practical level, and also on a psychological level.

SelfConfidence on a Psychological Level

Self-Confidence issues can show up on a psychological level when women don’t feel like an equal in the relationship or feel that their partner is overly dominant. This may or may not be true, but it will have on impact on how the relationship will develop because it can leave the woman feeling as though they are not able to fully express themselves within the relationship, and this creates its own tensions.

Ironically, it can also have a big negative effect on the man in the relationship because having a partner who is continually showing signs of self-doubt and who constantly needs re-assurance is not attractive, regardless of whether or not the self-assessment is actually accurate.

The flip side of this is that a woman who is very self-confident in her own mind oozes a sexual appeal to men, as they are immediately placing themselves on a pedestal and are sub-communicating that they are a prize worthy of attention and capture.

That may sound a little Neolithic and present the male species as though they are only one step up from cavemen! But the harsh truth is that this is actually an accurate assessment of how men think. It really is much more of a turn on to be around a self-confident woman who knows her own mind and what she wants. And it not only has the effect of putting men at their ease but also means that the woman will have a much smoother and more fulfilling relationship with her partner.

SelfConfidence on a Physical Level

There is also the question of physical confidence in relationships, and once more women take center stage on this issue.

Of course men do also suffer from body image issues in relationships; you only have to look at the amount of male enhancement products that are available to realize that! But in reality physical confidence does tend to be a more common issue for women in relationships, not least because they are acutely aware that their boyfriends or partners were (at least at first) most attracted by their appearance, and so keeping themselves looking good can become something of a pre-occupation for many women.

This shows itself in the enormous number of women who are on a diet at any one time, and in the media’s constant focus on celebrities physical appearance, what they look like, what styles of clothes they are wearing, and often very barbed and bitchy talk about what they look like and if they have let themselves go.

Self-confidence is important for both men and women in relationships, so make sure to build up your partner at every opportunity. Be sure to be supportive of them and make them feel comfortable in being themselves, not overly worrying about what they look like, or chasing another fashion or diet fad, just because a celebrity magazine tells them they should.

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