The Five Joys of Jewelry

Jewelry is a bit of an enigma because it is both very private and very public. It is private in that the emotions that we feel about our jewelry are something that most of us keep locked up inside, away from the rest of the world. But it is also very public in that a good part of why most people buy jewelry is in order to show the world both that they can afford some bling, and also to show off something beautiful.

The good news is that neither of these two goals is incompatible and that in fact you can have both.

In this article, I am going to discuss the five great joys of jewelry and what you should love about the process of both buying and displaying your jewels.

1/ Buying Jewelry is Fun

The first important joy of buying jewelry from a jewelry store is that the process is endlessly fun!

This is the adult equivalent of being a kid in a candy store. You can see all kinds of fun, shiny objects that look like they would look great on you. You then get to choose which ones to take home. (Or at least admire, even if they are out of your budget).

2/ Trying On Jewelry Is Fun

The second great joy of jewelry is that unlike a candy store where if you start to eat the candy the shopkeeper is going to be none too impressed, that with jewelry the store owner is going to actively encourage you to try on the pieces!

So, as long as you look like you have the money to buy the items, they will let you try them on.

3/ Choosing is Fun

Once you are in the jewelry store and trying on lots of different jewelry, it is also worth considering that you are not restricted to one particular type of jewelry to purchase. It may have been that you came into the store with the idea in mind of getting a ring for example. But the fact is that you have endless choice, and so you don’t have to restrict yourself to just having a ring. You can also choose to have a matching set of earrings, or a bracelet instead.

4/ There is ALWAYS More to Buy!

Unlike many other things in life where once you have purchased a particular item then that is the final word on the subject. This is absolutely NOT the case with jewelry!

There is an endless supply of items that you can buy and there is never any limit to your choices, apart from your bank balance.

5/ There is something for EVERY Budget!

Jewelry often has a bad reputation for being prohibitively expensive and unavailable for most people to buy. But the reality is that there is an item of jewelry that can be bought at just about any price range, and so there is no excuse for not having fun with jewelry.

If you don’t have a great deal of money to spend then you can always start out with paste jewelry, which often looks fabulous, but only costs a few dollars.

If you have more money than you might look at jewelry that is made of silver.

Richer still and you might move up to items that are made of 9 carat gold or even 18 carat if your budget will allow it.

The fact is that at every conceivable price range there is an item of jewelry that you may perceivably like to wear, and be able to take home with you. So in a very real sense not only is jewelry joyous in all the ways I have described, but it is also very democratic in having an appeal to just about everyone.

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