How You Can Help To Lose More Weight through Visualization and Imagery

There are many techniques that can be useful if you are currently looking to lose weight, and one of those is weight loss visualization techniques. The way that these usually work is that you sit down in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, and then start to visualize yourself as you would ideally like to be and the pattern of eating through which you hope to get there.

In terms of weight loss there are two principal methodologies that you can apply to make weight loss imagery work for you, which are:

1/ Seeing yourself how you would like to ideally be.

2/ Seeing the food journey that you will need to take in order to get there.

Of these two the one that most people traditionally use is seeing themselves as they would ideally like to be. This is generally considered the more uplifting of the two types, because it enables you to take a leap into the future after all the hard work of dieting has been done, and seeing yourself thin and vibrant with your life transformed.

This is really like forward planning, and it sets out a final vision and a guiding light for you to follow throughout your journey. It is a good idea to visualize yourself as succeeding in a weight loss endeavor; because it sets the tone for the future you and can help to inspire you to see where you might end up, even if you are currently very overweight.

One thing that most people don’t do when they are embarking on a visualization journey is to see themselves in the daily, step by step, day by day eating routine that it takes to lose weight.

This is a shame, and is where many visualization processes break down, because after you are done with the closed-eye vision of yourself fifty pounds lighter and have opened your eyes, you are still confronted with the real you in the mirror, and the cake on the table.

If you are going to stand much chance of shifting the reality of your situation, then the journey begins immediately with the food you are going to eat today, and so it is worthwhile to also see yourself triumphing with your daily eating challenges.

In this way visualization can help to prepare you both for the psychological effort of how to start feeling good about yourself now, even if you are very overweight; and also the practical journey of how you can realistically bring about that result over the long term through eating less on a daily basis.

Both are necessary if you are to achieve your weight loss goals, and each of the two build on the other.

You should take steps to ensure that you practice both types of visualization and don’t simply rely on end-goal visioning. With weight loss, eating less on a daily basis is the real secret, and habit visualization is just as important to make that happen.

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