7 Things Australians Love about Australia

Australia is an amazing country with an abundance of things going for it. There are naturally far more than seven things that Australians love about their country, but here is a list of seven things that immediately stand out:

1/ The Weather

The weather in Australia is usually really good. There are of course big stretches of desert in the middle, and parts of Northern Australia that are a little hot. But for the most part in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, for example, the weather is usually a nice balance. In fact, ask most Australians and they will tell you that weather wise Australia takes an awful lot of beating.

2/ The Coast and the Beaches

Australia has one of the longest unbroken coastlines of anywhere in the world and so it makes it the perfect country for living by and enjoying the beach.

3/ Water sports

Because of the great abundance of coastline one of the great things that all Australians love is the outdoor life and enjoying water sports like swimming and surfing. These are so integral to the process of growing up in Australia that it is almost unthinkable to consider the country without them.

4/ The Great Barrier Reef

In terms of natural beauty, it is impossible to match the sheer size and scope of the Great Barrier Reef. This truly is one of the wonders of the world. It stretches for hundreds of miles and houses some of the best coral reef on the planet. It is a perfect location to visit if you love scuba diving and there are also some great wreck dives off the coast of Australia.

5/ Barbecues

The weather and friendly culture of Australians mean that eating outdoors is much more common than anywhere else in the world. Barbecues are one of the great regular treats that you will enjoy if you live down under. Also, because of the close proximity to the sea of most big cities you will find that cooking seafood on the Barbie is a much loved national pastime.

6/ Australian Rules Football

Aussies love their Aussie rules football, not least because it is only in Australia that the game has really taken off, and so this is the only place on earth where you are likely to see the game played to its fast and furious best.

7/ Cricket

In addition to Aussie Rules Football, another sport that is played elsewhere, but which historically Australia has excelled in is Cricket. Most Australians love to see the national side beat England at cricket and revel in regaling the tales of Donald Bradman and other Aussie cricketing heroes.
Australia has a wealth of highlights and is a great place to come for a holiday, or to stay for a lifetime. So while seven highlights certainly doesn’t do it justice. It has hopefully given you a flavor of some of the treats you can expect if you come for a visit.

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