A Quick Guide to some of the highlights of Downtown Madrid

Madrid is one of the most magical cities in Europe, because not only does it have friendly people and a warm climate, but also because in one city you can experience all the best of what Spain has to offer.

Downtown Madrid has much to offer the casual visitor and the seasoned traveler both in terms of sporting experiences such as can be enjoyed at the cities football stadiums, or in cultural pursuits that are widely available for everyone to enjoy at their leisure.

Two of the very finest theaters in Madrid are the Zarzuela Theatre and the Royal Theatre, both of which are open year round, and which put on a variety of great shows for the public’s enjoyment. Here you can see classical Spanish works and more traditional theater like Shakespeare.

The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is the home of Real Madrid and is a must see place if you are a soccer fan and wish to see some of the very cream of world soccer in action. It is not always easy to get tickets for the games (especially derby games against local rivals); because the team has a phenomenal level of support and so the tickets tend to sell out extremely quickly. But nevertheless, if you ask around the locals and hang out outside the ground in downtown Madrid then you will usually find your persistence rewarded with tickets.

Another aspect to Madrid that you must experience is the amazing shopping areas that are a dream if you love quality merchandise. You will find some of the world’s most exclusive shops represented in the downtown area of Madrid, and so if you a big fan of designer goods, high-quality leather, handbags or shoes then you are in for some fun, exciting, shopping action!

Clearly there is much more to Madrid than the few highlights I have listed here. Like any big city it is awash with opportunities for enjoyment and wandering around this beautiful city you will soon learn many of them for yourself.

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