How Custom Voice Prompts Can Dramatically Improve Customer Retention

If you run any kind of business, then one thing that very quickly becomes apparent is that customer service is king if you want to retain your customers.

A survey by RightNow in 2010 investigated customer service both on how a brand was perceived and on the bottom line impact that it had. They found that of the people questioned fully 82% had stopped doing business with a company if they had a customer service experience that they rated as poor and that 55% had been driven away from using a company and its products because of a failure to resolve their problem quickly enough.

These are stark figures and they illustrate quite how important it is to have methods and procedures in place in your business that make great customer service an automatic outcome of your systems.

One of the best ways that you can make a start right now on making this a reality is to sort out a proper voice prompts system for your business.

Most voice prompts sound robotic, don’t work fast enough or are simply long-winded and don’t move at the pace your customers expect. This leaves your customers feeling dissatisfied not only with your customer service, but by extension your brand. Often they won’t phone you up to tell you this (though some might), but will simply silently stop doing business with your company and start doing business with your competitors.

This is a shame because the same RightNow study revealed that fully 85% of respondents would be willing to pay up to 25% MORE if it would ensure them a superior customer service experience.

The good news is that getting high-quality voice prompts doesn’t even cost more money. It simply takes a little forethought about your particular needs and making sure that you use an experienced company that has access to the latest trixbox, FreePBX and Asterisk technology and combines it with a natural voice offering that sounds warm, inviting and helpful to your customers.

If you look at the figures then the reasons to seek out higher quality customer service components are compelling. The same people that you are currently silently losing to your competition because they cared enough to get a tailored solution could be still doing business with you.

Don’t wait until Facebook starts buzzing with news of your lack of customer service.

Sort out a voice prompt system that your customers can finally feel in tune with.

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