Five Environmentally Friendly Ways to a Smaller Carbon Footprint

If we are to protect the future of this planet, then it is important that all of us start to look for ways that we can be more environmentally friendly.

One of the best green solutions to the problem of using up scarce resources is to find ways that we as individuals can minimize our carbon footprint.

So here are Five Environmentally Friendly Ways to a Smaller Carbon Footprint:

1/ Ensure your energy use is as efficient as possible

One of the best ways to a smaller carbon footprint is to actually use less energy.

Here are some simple steps you can take to be more energy efficient in your home:

  • Install loft insulation if you don’t have any.
  • Install double glazed windows (and make sure the windows are shut, so that there is no energy leakage).
  • Make sure that any appliances you buy are rated as an “A” for energy efficiency.
  • Use your air conditioning less in the summer. Even cutting back by an hour a day is a notable reduction in your carbon footprint.
  • Unplug any appliances that don’t need to be left on.

2/ Take direct flights whenever possible

If you are a businessman, it may be that you have to fly for business. One way that you can help to reduce the carbon emissions of these trips is to fly directly, rather than having multiple stop-over flights, as these can add considerably to the carbon footprint of any trips.

3/ Keep your car for an extra year

New cars are great and invariably they guzzle less gas than older models. However, the carbon footprint that is required to build a new car (even an electric vehicle) is still considerably greater than the carbon footprint of keeping your old car a little longer.

4/ Keep your credit card in your wallet

At the heart of all debates about carbon emissions and being more environmentally friendly is when consumerism comes under scrutiny.

The less consumer items that you buy, the less items that need to be manufactured, and the less impact there will be on the environment.

So if you truly care about the environment, keep your money in your pocket and walk on by that tempting item in the shop window.

5/ Walk More and Use a Bike instead of a Car

Whilst it may be more environmentally friendly to keep your old car for a while longer, it is even better if you can use it less. So use your bike when you can instead of the car and walk whenever possible.

Put these suggestions into practice and you will finally be helping to reduce your carbon footprint and help to ensure that the planet stays healthy for the future.

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