Five Benefits of Lecithin

Lecithin is very commonly found in all manner of food types such as egg yolks, soybeans, grape seeds and sunflower seeds and is also often to be found in commercial products as a fat emulsifier.

There are many reasons why you might want to consider consuming more lecithin as there are many potential benefits of consuming more lecithin.

Here are Five Benefits of Lecithin

1/ It can play a very helpful role in breaking down fats and in eliminating that fat from the body

This is the reason why if you look on many commercial food products that you will see lecithin listed as an ingredient because it can play a very helpful role in removing fat from your body.

This is especially useful for products that are very high in fat, as lecithin works with our bodies’ intestines and natural systems to filter out and inhibit our ability to take in that fat, and possibly avoid the negative consequences that we would otherwise have suffered as a result.

2/ Acts as an efficient transporter of fats in the body to the liver and may help to repair the liver

There is also some evidence to suggest that because lecithin stops a “sticky platelet effect” in our cells, and means that fat moves around more freely, that this can also possibly help in the event that our livers were damaged through excessive drinking or alcohol consumption (often characterized by cirrhosis of the liver).

It is notable to mention that some studies have suggested that lecithin can offer a protective effect, and even possibly reverse some of the symptoms that people experience when they damage their livers.

3/ Positive Effects on Mental Degeneration

There have been some quite promising studies into how lecithin can benefit certain patients who are suffering from disease such as Alzheimer’s, and also how it can possibly aid such areas as memory improvement and mental fluidity.

These are early days for these kinds of studies, and no-one is yet claiming that the benefits of lecithin will automatically be shown to extend to improving mental powers in ordinary people. But there are nevertheless some early promising results that give cause for hope in these areas.

4/ Improving Women’s Health Issues

Lecithin has shown a lot of positive early trial results in assisting women in a number of different areas, including positive benefits for making sure that pregnancies are healthy and that the development of any child is normal. As well as other research that has shown that it can be of assistance with making sure that women’s breast tissue stays healthy.

It is for this reason that you will quite commonly see lecithin listed as an ingredient in breast enlargement pills; even though there is no scientific evidence to substantiate that lecithin has any effect directly on making women’s breasts larger.

5/ Helps to Eliminate Bad LDL Cholesterol and Raise Good HDL Cholesterol

In addition to helping to eliminate fats from the body, another direct benefit of lecithin is its ability to help to lower levels of LDL Cholesterol and raise the beneficial levels of HDL Cholesterol in both men and women.

This is a particularly big deal because raised cholesterol is one of the biggest killers in the United States through causing heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems. And so any dietary supplement that can assist in that fight is very welcome.
There are therefore some compelling reasons to consider taking lecithin supplements, as there are a number of ways that it can potentially be beneficial to your health.

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