What is Self-Confidence?

The nature of life is that it sometimes throws us a curve ball. Not everything always goes according to plan, and we can start to doubt many aspects of our own personal psyche. This can be true of any number of areas of life from our finances, to our spiritual health, or the state of our relationships with others. But the abiding thread that links them all is our own sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

If life somewhat resembles a rollercoaster, then self-confidence is the ability to realize that the rollercoaster will come to an end and that the highs on the journey are just as disingenuous as the lows.

Knowledge of that fact doesn’t necessarily help of course when you happen to be at the low end of the spectrum! But it is nevertheless useful to reflect on moments in your own life, and realize that it is generally only when things are going badly that most of us start to doubt ourselves and wonder if we will ever see the sun rise again.

In viewing self-confidence as an amalgam of the rich tapestry of life’s experience, it can also be viewed in the context of a minute by minute appraisal of how we view ourselves.

Looked at in the cold light of day, perhaps it could be said that if someone had perfect self confidence that they would occupy some kind of island, looking out contentedly at others, but not unduly concerned by their opinion. We know that in reality no such person exists and that self-confidence is an issue for all of us. Like the clouds, it is hard to pin down, but its effects are all around us.

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