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  • How to Write a Personal Biography
    Just about everyone knows someone that has accomplished something incredible in their lives, or knows someone that has overcome an obstacle or just has a great story to tell ... Click to Read More

  • How to Write My Own Lyrics
    Do you dream of creating song lyrics that not only tell your story but touch the lives of others? If so, you should consider writing your own lyrics ... Click to Read More

  • Exploring the Subject of Grants for Writers
    Well, if you’re really serious about your career then of course, you continue to live your dreams. You find a way to make your dreams a reality and finding a grant specifically for writers may in fact be the way to go. Here’s 5 tips to help you find a grant if you’re a writer... Click to Read More

  • How to Write Poems
    If you have dreams and aspirations of becoming the next William Shakespeare or another famous poet penning a great anecdote then take notice. Although writing poems isn’t necessarily an easy skill to acquire, it can in fact be done. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can write poems that inspire and motivate your readers. ... Click to Read More

  • How to Write a Reference
    So, you’ve been asked to write someone a reference? Well, that’s great news. They obviously respect and admire your opinion. To make sure that you create a great reference, we’ve put together 10 tips which are as follows... Click to Read More

  • How to Write A Sonnet
    Creating sonnets isn't exactly rock science however they do take a bit of creativity and hard work to become a “sonneteer”. So, whether you’re hoping to be the next William Shakespeare or just a good sonnet or anecdote writer then you should definitely read this article.... Click to Read More

  • The Work Flow Cycle of the Editorial Industry
    As an editorial professional, I'm sure you're aware of the market slump right now. What you may not be aware of is that this is due to more than just the economy. Editorial work is ... Click to Read More

  • Editing Secrets
    Once you've plotted out your book, developed the characters and written the last word of text, the real work begins. As busy editors are bombarded with hundreds or even thousands of submissions a year, it's ... Click to Read More

  • Interview with Suspense Author Peter Abrahams
    Peter Abrahams is the author of thirteen novels, including "The Tutor," (Ballantine Books) "A Perfect Crime," (Ballantine Books), "The Fan" (Fawcett Books), and most recently, "Their Wildest Dreams" (Ballantine Books).Known for his sharp wit ... Click to Read More

  • Contest Advice for Screenplay Writers
    Introduction There are many screenplay contests available to the aspiring screenwriter. These contests can be a good avenue to getting one's work and anecdote noticed and/or make a sale. So, it's important to make certain that ... Click to Read More

  • 6 Ways to Leverage Technical Articles
    Technology vendors often contribute bylined articles to trade journals. The articles are great exposure for these companies but they don't come cheap Ė the trades rarely pay for these articles but the vendors spend time and ... Click to Read More

  • Speech WritingHow To
    Speech writing is a talent, and like playing basketball, it is a fact that some people will do it better naturally than others. However, exactly like playing sports of any kind, it is also something that that you can get better at with practice. In this article I am going to explore several techniques as to how you can improve your speech writing abilities and tell better anecdotes... Click to Read More

  • Want To Start a Publishing Revolution?
    Calling all publishers, editors, journalists and freelance writers. It's time to breathe more life into your copy. Turn your articles into living pieces that spark measurable debate, get closer to your readers and engage their ... Click to Read More

  • Writing Without Style
    Learning About how to avoid writing an anecdote or anecdotes that don't have good style... Click to Read More

  • Pairs/Groups Of Words That Are Often Confused - Part 6 of 6
    SALE, SAIL Sale is either offering something for purchase ("for sale")or offering it at a special price ("on sale"); sail is partof a ship or boat.SELL, CELLSell is to exchange for money; cell ... Click to Read More

  • Why We Don't Write Our Books
    In the ten years that Iíve taught people how to get on with their books, Iíve noticed a phenomenon that Iíll call ďAuthorís Block.Ē Would-be writers can, indeed, sit down ... Click to Read More

  • Have You Plotted Your Story Before Writing It?
    Creative Writing Tips ĖThe writer, who doesnít have the time to plot, always finds the time to rewrite. Sound familiar? Iíve been guilty of this too, back in the early days of my ... Click to Read More

  • Freelance Writing: A Career From Anywhere
    An island in the Mediterranean. A beach in Africa. The east coast of New Zealand. What do all these locations have in common? A recent call for assistance from freelance writers elicited replies from every ... Click to Read More

  • An Appeal To The Bloggers!
    Blogging is smart an art. Blog sites are the nicest portals which do aid people to unfurl their inundating mind streams, in umpteen aspects and share their ideas and experiences and anecdotes. It satiates several yearning hearts ... Click to Read More

  • Titles (and Subtitles) Sell Books!
    Does a title really sell a book? The short answer is, yes. If a book does not attract a reader initially, it will be overlooked and not purchased. The book title is the element that ... Click to Read More

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    Other Writing and Anecdote Resources

    Quote of the Week
    Alan Lightman: A good novel gets under our skin, provokes us and haunts us long after the first reading, because we never fully understand the characters. For more writerly quotes, see...

    New Non-Fiction
    Here are the latest non-fiction submissions that made it through the selection process: Rambling by Willy K. Constant movement, I cannot sit still, the blank screen stares back at me, taunting...

    Quote of the Week
    Garth Nix: For all my longer works (i.e the novels) I write chapter outlines so I can have the pleasure of departing from them later on. (For more writerly quotes, see...


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